Our journey began over 20 years ago. Throughout these years, we have supported the industrialization of reinforcement steel, and the supply and installation of reinforcement.

We stand for good work, quality, and compliance with safety rules.

SENDIN Armatures was created in 1994 by Mr Arturo Sendin Álvarez, whose professional activity focused on the installation of reinforcement. In less than ten years, his hard work and dedication led to a significant increase in the business volume; and in 2002, we became a public limited company, officially Grupo SENDIN SA, under the general direction of Mr Sergio Sendin.

SENDIN Group still remains a family business, and is always aiming to progress and achieve new challenges. We couldn’t have done it without our team –our more than 800 workers are part of our evolution and our positioning as a leading company.

SENDIN Group is grateful for the trust and continuity that our clients have shown for years and still continue to show us today. The consolidation of our leadership and the vision of growth is only possible if we continue offering solutions and providing a high-quality, efficient and environmentally sustainable service.



Products placed in construction

SENDIN Group manufactures about 8,000 tonnes of reinforcement steel per month. The assembly of rebar and the placement of such reinforcement are considered to be the basic elements in ensuring the compressive strength of reinforced concrete. Therefore, the quality of materials used and the accuracy in the design, manufacturing and assembly of the structures are essential, and they are guaranteed at our company.

Our plants for reinforcement assembly produce passive reinforcements to be installed in construction works such as bridges, viaducts, tunnels, treatment plants, wind farms and nuclear power plants.



Industrial equipment

Our production plants employ over 250 people in order to guarantee our clients the best service possible.


provides solutions to improve the performance in construction

Our technical team

moulds and welds steel based on the client’s requirements

Our production team

prepares and organizes the orders to reach the customer within the agreed deadlines

Our logistics team